Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Soupe a L'oignon

It was date night, and his turn to entertain. I requested a candlelit dinner in formal attire. I love getting dressed up, and in rural North Carolina the occasion is few and far between.

So we dressed up and ate. First was salad with a raisin vinaigrette. This is one of our favorite ways of making dressing, and it is always delicious. It involves soaking dried fruit in vinegar, chopping it, and then blending the infused oil with some oil. It is more delicious than anything you'd buy in a bottle, and cheaper too.

The star of the show was the french onion soup. He used a blend of his mom's recipe from How to Entertain and Julia Child's soupe a l'oignon. The finished product was just like the french onion soup I had at a fancy french restaurant as a child.

The picture of my bowl speaks louder than anything I can say.

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