Saturday, June 5, 2010


I love spring time for so many reasons.  The new growth and warmth is such a sign of hope and re-birth.  There's the feeling that anything is possible.  And then there's rhubarb.  It's tangy sweetness is such a delight that I'm totally obsessed.

When I saw it recently a the grocery store I just couldn't resist.  When we had a dinner guest I decided to serve it as a pudding.  The rhubarb stewed with sugar until softened and thick, then folded into a from scratch custard.  The flavor was spot-on.  Texturally, I was a little disappointed.  The rhubarb hadn't been cooked quite long enough and it watered down the pudding slightly.  I still loved it, and scraped my bowl clean.

We served it with our triple ginger cookies.  The ginger was a great complement to the rhubarb and added a little crunch to the dessert.

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