Friday, August 15, 2008

Sushi Chef In Training

While visiting dear family friends yesterday we made sushi; some for their dinner, and some for me to take for dinner at the airport with another dear friend who turned out to be M.I.A.

In any case, Grace and I had a great time. I julienned carrots, cucumber and avocado and Grace helped me roll. The first time I made sushi it took me several rolls to get them tight enough. Not Grace. (You see her in action in the picture to the left.) Her rolls were perfectly tight, even at those tricky ends, the first time around. A natural born sushi chef. Maybe in another life she was Japanese. As we were rolling we started to talk about what different things we could put in the rolls. Grace had so many great ideas involving all sorts of things. I think my favorite was candy sushi made with fruit roll up, coconut as rice and various candies as fish (Swedish fish perhaps?). Personally I'm still trying to work through ideas for peanut butter and jelly sushi and breakfast sushi using pancake in place of nori. I guess in a way we already have that, and call it pigs in a blanket. What a perfect way to start off a day of sushi we have in the works. That way we can make our different ideas for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

We are accepting suggestions.

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  1. hey rachel I LOVE ur blog!!!!

    P.S,we were thinking macroni and cheese sushi that way my mom could eat the NutriSystem mac and cheese and make it sushi