Saturday, September 26, 2009

Come to Dinner

We had dinner guests--such a rare occasion and such a joy! (hint hint: to those of you wanting a mountain vacation, come visit us, we'll feed you well!)

We decided to make tiramisu for our guests. I've been wanting to make it for awhile, using some Kahlua we have sitting around. We made our own lady fingers. Our method of spooning the batter in lines was far less effective, than using a mold. I would highly recommend a mold. We then soaked the fingers in Kahlua and coffee.

Meanwhile we searched for a recipe. Many recipes we found added whipped cream to the classic mixture of egg yolk and marscapone folded into beaten whites. We wanted to avoid this heavier version and stuck with the classic of yolk, marscapone, and beaten whites.

We then layered the custard mix with our lady fingers, sprinkled with cocoa and garnished with lady finger sticks. Simple and absolutely delicious, much thank to the local, pastured eggs which produced a rich and flavorful custard.

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