Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Conquering the Souffle

Souffle is one of those dishes that has always scared me.  I made a chocolate one once, and it tasted good, but it didn't rise properly at all.  In fact in sunk more than anything.  It's those darn egg whites.

But the other day I found a link to a banana souffle on the Saveur web site.  We had a lot bananas, and it was so cold, that a hot banana dessert seemed perfect.

So we tried it, and it turned out perfectly, at least technically and aesthetically.  The recipe we followed had lemon juice in it, for us it was too much, it overpowered the banana, and was too lemony for a January day.  The texture was great though.

I've been inspired to experiment more with egg white dishes.  Who knows what might come out of our kitchen next?

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