Monday, May 10, 2010

Santa Fe Blue Cornmeal Cake

This cake has been on my list for a long time.  It is Santa Fe Blue Cornmeal Cake.  The cake contains, among other things, blue cornmeal and ground chile arbol.  The cornmeal adds a sweet nuttiness both in taste and texture.  Combined with cinnamon and the chile, it is sweet with a little kick. 

I brushed each layer with cajeta, a Mexican caramel made from goats milk.  Then comes the caramel frosting, made of whipped cream, cajeta, and sugar.  The smooth airiness of the whipped cream is the perfect foil for the rough and tumble texture of the cake.  Not the mention the richness of the caramel, which balances the chile and adds intrigue.

This cake is a great diversion from the classic vanilla and chocolate cake flavors.  Perfect for the adventurous at heart. 

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