Friday, April 30, 2010

Sweet Farewell to Winter

My favorite sweet potato recipe is a quick bread.  The recipe is from The Sustainable Kitchen, and I use it whenever there are left-over sweet potatoes.  I love it because it's really more of a savory bread.  There's hardly any sugar in it at all, and it is a great accompaniment to turkey or pork. 

I just tried it with the last of our Halloween pumpkin, which we pureed and froze.  The results were equally as pleasing.  The pumpkin flavor really starred, more so than the sweet potato does.

I had a loaf left-over, and decided to use it for bread pudding.  To accompany it I made a brown butter caramel sauce.  The two paired perfectly.  The depth of the caramel sauce toned down the pumpkin flavor, and sweetened it up just enough to put it in the dessert category.

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