Monday, January 31, 2011

I (heart) Zingerman's

I try not to be biased.  But I LOVE Zingerman's Deli.  I am wide-eyed and salivating every time I go there.  And it's not just because my husband works there.  It's because it really is an exceptional collection of some of the best foods in the world.  It is Disney World for people who love food.

All that quality doesn't come cheap.  Once in awhile, though, we use our discount and indulge.

In this case, a sampler  of cured meats and cheeses; something we became so accustomed to in Italy and now hardly eat.  For two month I had a sheet hanging on our bulletin board so I'd remember the names of what we had.  Finally I got rid of it, resigned to the fact I would never write of it. 

So, here I am, writing about it months later and can hardly remember a thing except a happy and full belly.  One of the cheeses I do remember was St. Nectaire, the one with the gray(ish) rind.  That was my least favorite, it had a moldy note that disrupted the flavor for me.  My favorite was the hard looking slab on the right.  It had crystals, like parmigiano does, and was caramel(ly) and delicious.

But really how can you go wrong with good bread, cheese, and meat?

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  1. De-lurking as I remember putting this together for Drew! The cheeses were St. Nectaire, Brebis D'Iraty (the one you liked), and Pave D'affinois. Rosette de Lyon salami from Columbus and a Bakehouse baguette. Your friendly neighborhood cheesemonger, Tessie