Thursday, March 18, 2010

Guinness Gone Wrong

I was so excited to celebrate St. Patrick's Day this year.  The celebration: an Irish movie and Guinness Floats.  What better way to honor the Irish than with Guinness?

I've enjoyed a Guinness or two in my day, but have only heard of the float version (think traditional root beer float but with Guinness instead of root beer).  Wanting to be sure to do it right, I bought the imported Guinness and ice cream from our local creamery, Spring Ridge.  They have a cinnamon vanilla ice cream that I just love.  It really is wonderful.  By itself.

The combination looks good.  But let me tell you, the cinnamon vanilla ice cream and Guinness was a really bad combination.  So bad I couldn't ingest it.  It was frothy bitterness. 

So bad it seemed like some kind of science experiment gone wrong, like the ice cream reacted with the beer.  And maybe it did.  I'm interested in trying it again with vanilla ice cream.  But only skeptically. 

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