Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A Stunner of a Cake

This cake, sliced, may be one of the most visually stunning cakes I have ever made. 

The cake is lemon.  A preserves of blueberry, lemon, and ginger is marbled on the top of the layers as well as the filling in between layers.  The icing is a lemon Italian buttercream, which can be spread almost as smooth as fondant.  Silky smooth, slightly sweet, and all around delicious it is my new favorite frosting.

All around it didn't have as much flavor as I was expecting.  The cake in particular was not as lemony as I was hoping.  Much of that I attribute to not having lemon extract in the cupboard.  I'm going to try it again when the pantry is better stocked.  It is a perfect spring cake.

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